Friday, October 12, 2012

DFESA 6 - Artist Dump 1 (Jon, Keane, and Sara)

Davina has many, many favorite English-speaking artists.
Davina doesn't have very much time for blogging nowadays.
The previous format for DFESA was pretty comprehensive, but incredibly time-consuming.
Therefore: I'm putting a few artists into one post here, with shorter descriptions and stuff, because I don't want to discontinue the series. (Although, I have no idea if people even read DFESA. Heheh.)


Jon McLaughlin
A singer-songwriter from Indiana, Jon has been sharing his music with the world since around 2003. He plays the piano phenomenally well and writes lyrics that sound like he actually thought about them. Also, his songs are ultra-catchy. Also, he sings "So Close" from the movie Enchanted, which is totally awesome.
Check out: ^ that, all of the album Indiana, "Beating My Heart," "Four Years" (this one is about high school and I love it so much), and "We All Need Saving."
I am still in the process of listening to all his music, so I may add to this favorites list in the future.

These guys are a British alternative piano rock band, formed in 1997. They're pretty darn popular--Strangeland, released in May of this year, reached No.1 on the UK Albums Chart, following the trend set by their previous three albums--and for good reason. The piano-driven rock is such a delight to listen to, and the beautiful music and lyrics give off this surreal-ish dreamy feeling that I love.
Check out: "You Are Young," "Silenced By The Night," "Disconnected," "A Bad Dream," "The Frog Prince" (this is probably my absolute favorite), "Somewhere Only We Know" (if you haven't already heard it), "Bend & Break," "Everybody's Changing," and "Bedshaped."

Sara Bareilles
Another American singer-songwriter and pianist, Sara is most well known for her 2007 hit "Love Song," which you've probably heard at some point in your life. The rest of her music is equally excellent, or more, though that does depend on your tastes. But yeah, aldkgabbldkfhg I love her so much she has such a good voice and writes such beautiful songs and is just so wonderful maqlwekrh okay recommendations before I fangirl too much--
Check out: "Uncharted," "Gonna Get Over You," "Hold My Heart," "Let The Rain," "Breathe Again," "City," "Gravity," "Love Song," "Once Upon Another Time," and "Bright Lights and Cityscapes."

ALSO, if you like them, check out "Summer Is Over" by Jon McLaughlin ft. Sara Bareilles. I almost died of joy when I found out this song existed. (Plus, it's finally applicable to the season. I've been listening to it all summer and felt kind of guilty every time, but no longer!)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Typical Conversations #18

I am working on a computer with two monitors.

Dad: Wow! Look at the girl with her two screens. Her friends would be jealous.
Nathan: There'll be three monitors soon.
Dad: When you give her two screens, she will be bipolar. If you give her three, she'll be schizophrenic.


Nathan: What?
Dad: Don't you get it? Two is bi, so bipolar, and then--
Me: But schizophrenic has nothing to do with three!
Dad: It's more than two, so it's like wooo... (makes wavy motions around his face)


Dad: Never mind. I guess you two don't get pharmaceutical jokes.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thoughts on John 6:60-71

Like Peter, I do not want to leave my Lord.

The world I see around me is dark, frightening, and powerful. In looking at myself, I have come to understand my own weakness--my helplessness to control anything around me. How, then, could I venture into that place without the protection of my Father's mighty hand?
The thought terrifies me.

The pleasures of this world are plentiful and persuasive in their promises. It would be easy to submit to their allure and let myself be drawn in until I hardly know myself. But I know from the stirrings of my soul that it will not be satisfied with such meager fare. I have tasted of a greater joy than the world can offer me. I will not leave the source of living water to drink at broken cisterns.

The Creator of the universe does not disappear simply because I turn away from him.
I am not guiltless. I am not shameless. I deserve eternal punishment.
To flee from the arms of my Savior is to expose myself for the judgment my sinful soul requires. Without my Redeemer, the knowledge of a holy God's existence is the most horrifying thing I can imagine.

Like a lost child come home, I do not want to leave this shelter my soul has found.
I am not afraid that I will. I know this:
Like steel melted onto steel, my Lord will never, ever let me go.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Frogs and Christians

Letter to an Incomplete, Insecure Teenager
by John Piper
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