Friday, February 24, 2012

2-24-12 Miscellaneous

Because I am terribly lazy.
  • The precalc test today was not worthy of the worry I gave it beforehand (thank you, Lord!). I did find, however, that I am terrible at multiplying beyond the twelves without a calculator. It took me a good minute to figure out 13 • 13. Sigh. 
  • We have begun to play the evolutionary-model games in Bio. "The Finches of Candyland" was a lot of fun. I was a chopstick finch and had to move various pieces of candy from one table to a cup on another. M&Ms are hard, Nerds are ridiculously difficult, and gummy bears are the best. They are just so delightfully squishy that I could grab them even when they made me use the chopsticks with my left hand. Looking forward to playing GlumpGlumpTime (my group's game) on Monday.
  • I spontaneously developed a rivalry with Marina while playing Frisbee, which entailed a lot of yelling "NO!" and half-tackling. If I can't catch it, neither can she!! (That was fun.)
  • The difference between shame and guilt: I believe guilt is a state of being--as in, you are innocent or guilty of doing something wrong. Shame is an internal feeling that can be independent of real guilt. For instance, you could do something and be guilty, but feel no shame for it; you could also be wrongly accused of something and still feel shame for the perceived guilt. It turns out that many people disagree with my definition. Thoughts?
  • Tim has this awesome connect-the-dots coloring book of legendary/mythical creatures, and he let me use it. I spent all of last period connecting 459 dots to make a Pegasus. I NEED ONE OF THESE BOOKS. 
  • Alix and the rest of my robotics team departed for Williamsport this afternoon, as there's a competition there tomorrow. (I couldn't go because I'd already signed up for the Praying Life conference.) Best of luck to them!
  • I have been working hard on the Elwood-Harvey portrait, and I'm almost done. All you drama peeps will see the finished product on Monday. The rest of you will have to wait until the play. 
 "This portrait over your mantel. Who painted it?"
"" << Haha. As if I'd actually say that.
  • A very small spider descended from the ceiling on an invisible thread. Nathan and I blew it back and forth a few times before killing it. Playing catch with miniscule spiders? New favorite game. 
  • It's been gloomy or raining all day. I really enjoy these kinds of days once in a while, mostly because the sky becomes this lovely grey color, and all the tree branches are outlined so strikingly against it in black. Also, rain = mud = fun. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Typical Conversation #9

JEREMY: Dare to bake/ a cake/ in an oven...uh...
ME: With a vampire coven./
JEREMY: Because I'm a vampire/ and I live in a boggy mire/
ME: Where there are lots of swamp fires/
JEREMY: No, it's couplets, stupid!
ME: Well, you didn't tell me that/ you big fat./
JEREMY: I'm not a fat person./
He stuffs an entire piece of cake in his mouth (like the size of my fist).
There is a long pause as he chews.
ME: You ended a line with "person"? Seriously?
JEREMY (with mouth full): I wonder if you, um, have a purse in/ your room/ that goes boom./

Saturday, February 18, 2012

what an exciting day!

Emmie's coming over!
We are planning to
1) watch the Wonder Girls Movie
b) watch videos of the USP talent show from her camera
iii) do whatever else fills up the hours from 10am till Cross Culture time


Sunday, February 12, 2012


Your smile never
opened anything,
and my words never
found a home.
The cold, trembling ice-bridge
shattered too quickly, too long ago,
leaving empty laughter ringing
through this chasm
deep with soul-silence.
We circle, eyeing warily,
two fortresses around our hearts.
We smile, we talk, we laugh--
and we are lonely,
so lonely.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012


The temptation not to post at all on this blog anymore is so pressing. I feel like its existence is easily slipping away into the recesses of my mind.

I need to find a costume for the play quick.
I also need to draw a large portrait that looks recognizably like Nate + giant bunny. >.o

I am tired. I should sleep.