Thursday, April 21, 2011

Albums are Albums and Nothing Else!!

When I listen to a complete album, I have to listen to it in its proper order every time.

And I end up memorizing this order. The ending of each song flows naturally into the beginning of the next. Most tracks have a few seconds of silence at the end; in this silence, my brain already begins to anticipate the opening sequence of the next song.

It makes me highly agitated when people put albums that I’m familiar with on shuffle. Track 6 coming after Track 9?

NO. *shudder*

It’s perfectly fine, though, if the songs are scattered through a larger playlist.

This album-oriented tendency of mine has the added effect of causing my brain to connect every song with its track number. Which means that if I hear the song even out of its album context, it will still have its number.

Here are some examples of songs that are 5 (these are all from memory):

    * “When You Believe” - Songs From the Heart, Celtic Woman
    * “Bo Peep Bo Peep” - Breaking Heart, T-ara
    * “웃자! (Be Happy)” - Oh!, SNSD
    * “Your Name Alone Can Save” - Risen, Sovereign Grace Music
    * “Hear The Call of The Kingdom” - In Christ Alone, Keith and Kristyn Getty
    * “Something Bad” - Wicked Soundtrack, Original Broadway Cast
    * “Hold On” - Heaven and Earth, Phil Wickham
    * “Beat Of Your Heart” - Pure, Hayley Westenra
    * “Carolina Rua” - Take Me With You, Lynn Hilary
    * “One World” - Celtic Woman, Celtic Woman

The last one is a special case. My brain also connects Track 6 (“Ave Maria”) from that album with the number 5. This is because the album has a prologue/intro. When albums have a prologue or intro, all the other tracks will have two numbers--one for their track number without the prologue, and one for their track number with the prologue. Thus, “Isle of Inisfree” from that same album is both 2 and 3; “Danny Boy” is both 3 and 4; “One World” is both 4 and 5; “Ave Maria” is both 5 and 6; and so on.

A similar case occurs in the album Incarnation: Irish Hymns 3, which has a Prologue: “Glorious Light”, the song right after the Prologue, is both 1 and 2.

When I fall asleep listening to an album, I can usually figure out the next morning which song I fell asleep on because it’ll be the last one I remember consciously hearing.

The funny thing is, after more than a decade of living in the same house as my older brother, we only found out recently that we both do this instinctively. Pretty much exactly the same way, too.




Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Be This I Doth Not Even--

This is Alix. She is my friend, like Emmie.
Alix is possibly the most awesome of us all.
(Well, in my opinion, she is.)

The first thing that makes Alix awesome is her name. It sounds just like the common name Alex, but it is spelled with an ‘i’. You might think that okay, it’s a variant of “Alex”, but it’s not.
It’s actually the French form of “Alice”. How cool is that?

Don’t try the “genius” trick with Alix, either. You’ll be telling the truth again.

Alix knows everything.
Sometimes I think that I should get annoyed at her for acting like a know-it-all, but then I realize that she actually does know it all. Or most of it, at least.

Alix says the most amazing things out of nowhere.
One time she was telling me about when she went hunting and suddenly said, “Seriously, the wind chill was lower than the IQ of an intoxicated banana.”
I would never be able to draw such a creative metaphor in the course of regular conversation.

Alix owns everything.
Alix comes up with the coolest costumes.
Alix has mad dance skills.
Alix is really good at art.
Alix is ridiculously smart, especially in areas pertaining to math.
Alix is a masterful writer.
Alix also has a likable personality.

The world is not fair.

...Oh well, who cares?

Nerdy pun picture for Alix :D

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am sick today

It's the sort of unpleasant illness in which the afflicted feels that something in the natural balance of her body is somewhat wrong, but not disturbed enough to warrant staying in bed with a fever the entire day and sleeping the whole time, yet not having any trouble sleeping the next night because the sickness is so draining.
But I'm still sick enough to have stayed in bed for half the day with an awful headache which may or may not have gone away.
I can feel it lurking, like a gleeful monster that's simply waiting to spring forth again and grab the innards of my head and smash them against an invisible wall, all the while letting out spurts of maniacal laughter which further irritates my eyebrows.
I really don't like it when my eyebrows hurt.

Though, this particular illness (whatever it is) comes with the added bonus of throat problems, such as I've never had before.
When I talk, my voice literally cracks every ten words or so. Sometimes less than that. It also goes into an unexpected whisper at the most interesting times: "Mom, can I drink up the orange juice?" As if "orange juice" was a forbidden thing to say.
To such an immature person as me, it is highly amusing. I end up laughing every time I talk.

Why do I always get sick over school breaks?

*sigh* Well, here's to hoping I get better tomorrow...