Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Be This I Doth Not Even--

This is Alix. She is my friend, like Emmie.
Alix is possibly the most awesome of us all.
(Well, in my opinion, she is.)

The first thing that makes Alix awesome is her name. It sounds just like the common name Alex, but it is spelled with an ‘i’. You might think that okay, it’s a variant of “Alex”, but it’s not.
It’s actually the French form of “Alice”. How cool is that?

Don’t try the “genius” trick with Alix, either. You’ll be telling the truth again.

Alix knows everything.
Sometimes I think that I should get annoyed at her for acting like a know-it-all, but then I realize that she actually does know it all. Or most of it, at least.

Alix says the most amazing things out of nowhere.
One time she was telling me about when she went hunting and suddenly said, “Seriously, the wind chill was lower than the IQ of an intoxicated banana.”
I would never be able to draw such a creative metaphor in the course of regular conversation.

Alix owns everything.
Alix comes up with the coolest costumes.
Alix has mad dance skills.
Alix is really good at art.
Alix is ridiculously smart, especially in areas pertaining to math.
Alix is a masterful writer.
Alix also has a likable personality.

The world is not fair.

...Oh well, who cares?

Nerdy pun picture for Alix :D


Alix said...

I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!!!!!! The pictures are INCREDIBLY fantastic!
This is so sweet Davina :3
I think you just made my spring break *sighs contentedly*

Bethany said...

Thank you for painting a very interesting picture of another of your school friends. It was interesting :)