I figure that she's probably going to pop up in a few posts, so for those of you who don't get the reference:

This is Lamby.

She is probably the most obnoxious stuffed animal you will ever come into contact with. 
Like all stuffed animals, her personality changes when being held by different people, but somehow Lamby has managed to retain her obnoxiousness in some form or another for everyone so far. It may be a condition brought on by jealousy, because I candidly admit that I have always loved AA more than Lamby, but I'm stuck with her now, as AA has been put away. But enough about AA. 

Some Facts About Lamby:
You can't really see it from the angle of this picture, but Lamby has no mouth. Therefore, she cannot eat or speak by the usual means. She has formed a solution to this problem, as she speaks through her eyes and eats through her nose. (I did not decide on this at age 4, as you might think. It was only discovered sometime last year.)
Lamby also lives in a perpetual state of sheared-ness. She grows no wool, but this does not stop her from being a very hyper lamb. 
Lamby is 11 years old, which you might guess from her state of disrepair but not from her behavior. She has lost one arm (which we sewed back on) and had gaping gashes in both her neck and rear end (which we also sewed up). She is much thinner than she used to be from having lost her "beans" through said gashes during the time in which I was too lazy to get her fixed. 
Lamby is obnoxious. 
You say "Lamby" not as "Lammee" but "Lam-bee". 
Lamby is obnoxious.

However, I do love Lamby and she is my constant companion when at home. 
And so there you have it.