Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This is Emmie. 
She is my friend. 
Emmie is a lot of fun.
(She is a lot like me.)

Emmie will do very interesting things, like flap. It is her natural response to everything. There is a happy-flap, a distraught-flap, an angry-flap, a frustrated-flap, a rapper-flap, and many others that have yet to be properly classified.
They are all different.
We counted once during Biology; she flapped 70 times in one hour.
70 flaps in 1 hour is more than 1 flap per 1 minute.
Emmie likes to flap. 
Emmie also makes interesting sounds. Some people complain that they don’t understand her when she replaces words with her sounds, but those people are obviously not trying hard enough. It is possible to know exactly what Emmie means.
“Buack” is one of Emmie’s sounds. 
Emmie and I have had entire conversations without actually speaking real words.
(This, of course, is possible because much of human communication is/can be expressed through means other than words, such as intonations and gestures.)

You may be tempted at times to sarcastically call Emmie “a genius”. There is one problem with doing such a thing.
If you call Emmie a genius, you are speaking the truth. 
By age, Emmie is supposed to be three grades lower than she is. But she is three grades higher than she is supposed to be, and has absolutely no problem keeping up with the intellectual work. In fact, she excels in school. It sometimes makes the rest of us feel dumb.
(Which may give us cause to wonder: why is our education system based on age rather than intellectual ability? It seems rather absurd to simply assume that all those of the same age group have the same mental capacity.)
Emmie is a genius.

Emmie is funny.
I like Emmie.

Emmie is my friend. (This needs to be said again, in more languages.)
엠미가 내 친구예요.
I really like Emmie.
내가 엠미는 너무 너무 너무 좋아해요!


:D This is a pretzel for Emmie. 


Megan said...

Those that can't understand her definitely just aren't trying hard enough!
It's really not all that difficult.

Emmie said...

Thank you Davina. :)
I look pretty awesome in that picture, I think. The manic look in the eyes and the BUACKBUACKBUACK exclamation really capture my essence. (It is obviously trying to communicate with us...)

Bethany said...

What's even more fun than communicating in gestures/strange sounds is communicating in expression. I can do that with Tiffany and Oksanna. 'Tis really handy.

Having met Emmie only rather briefly, I know have an interesting picture of her.