Saturday, March 26, 2011

Because Everyone Else Has a Blog

...I'm doing one too.

Because, you know, I'm an insecure high-school student who must succumb to the urges of peer pressure, which is even worse because now I'm being pressured to be funny because everyone else is being funny and I'm really not going to live up to the standard that's been set by my peers because my computer is a managed workstation and I can't blog from it because my computer blocks blogs which makes it hard for me to blog seeing as it blocks my own blog because it's a managed workstation and would you look at this I'm not being funny I'm just repeating myself and writing a terrible run-on sentence that doesn't even have correct punctuation

No, don't worry. I don't write like that often. You may expect blog posts in the future that are much more well-written. They may or may not have more substance.


(enjoy what? i dunno don't ask me)

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