Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am sick today

It's the sort of unpleasant illness in which the afflicted feels that something in the natural balance of her body is somewhat wrong, but not disturbed enough to warrant staying in bed with a fever the entire day and sleeping the whole time, yet not having any trouble sleeping the next night because the sickness is so draining.
But I'm still sick enough to have stayed in bed for half the day with an awful headache which may or may not have gone away.
I can feel it lurking, like a gleeful monster that's simply waiting to spring forth again and grab the innards of my head and smash them against an invisible wall, all the while letting out spurts of maniacal laughter which further irritates my eyebrows.
I really don't like it when my eyebrows hurt.

Though, this particular illness (whatever it is) comes with the added bonus of throat problems, such as I've never had before.
When I talk, my voice literally cracks every ten words or so. Sometimes less than that. It also goes into an unexpected whisper at the most interesting times: "Mom, can I drink up the orange juice?" As if "orange juice" was a forbidden thing to say.
To such an immature person as me, it is highly amusing. I end up laughing every time I talk.

Why do I always get sick over school breaks?

*sigh* Well, here's to hoping I get better tomorrow...

1 comment:

Bethany said...

You're better now, I know.
But I just wanted to say... You laugh when you get sick/your voice cracks? Geeh, I can only imagine what would happen if you a boy with a constantly cracking voice...