Friday, July 19, 2013

Speed Poetry

As midnight drew nigh, two poets turned face-to-face and tested their hands and skill. Whizzing back and forth like two-minute bullets, they searched their souls and let words of love and pain spill unfettered onto the paper (or screen, as it were).

Sirenia Featherheart:
I look at you
and my pancreas just weeps
and hurts
because all of the insulin
in the world will never be able
to break down
your sweetness.
And so,
I cannot take it in.
It clogs my arteries like dead rivers.*
And I am so sad.

thoughts of. rivers of. tears:
In the middle of the day
at 12:03 P-M, I think of you
and you are like sugar in my heart
making me happy
like I was never happy before
Will you love me back
because at 12:03 P-M, I love you.

Sirenia Featherheart:
Sometimes I wait for you to
whiz by me
like a freight train
with wheels
and love for me like a big silver bullet on a steel track.
My suitcase
is by my foot.
My foot
is by my face
every time I see you
speeding by,
all I can think to do is stuff
my foot
my face
and wish that you
would slow down
just a little bit
for me,
just a little for me.

I missed the train again.

thoughts of. rivers of. tears:

I wish you would look at me
the way you look at your dog
and your pet turtle
and your dinner
and even
but you will never feel
this same way for
because your dog is loud
and your turtle swims
and you are hungry
and she is your girlfriend
and I will never be.

* Phrase "dead rivers" © Sirenia Featherheart 2013.

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