Monday, July 9, 2012


2. The eastern winds were a bit unfelt today, since i was inside.

3a. Spiderman or Scrabble Cheezits have the same flavor but not the same mouthfeel or texture as regular Cheezits, and are therefore less enjoyable. The aerodynamics really do mean something.

3b. We need to decide if the Fn key is going to be universally on the LEFT or the RIGHT of the Ctrl key. Incredibly frustrating.

18. Not all foods are created equal. Most banana foods are delicious: banana cream pie, banana chips, banana milkshakes, banana bread, banana muffins, banana cupcakes. Most pea foods are not: pea cream pie, pea chips, pea milkshakes, pea bread, pea muffins, pea cupcakes.

R. Those who try to be poetically deep are often obvious.

Sii. Who is more important, the blademaster or the blacksmith?

Answers due in two weeks. Thank you class. Remember you can always reach me during office hours or at Watch the stray asteroids as you exit the building!

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