Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blog Challenge, February 2015

Today I had meant to write something that didn't mention Stevie's 2015 Blog Challenge. I thought I'd begin by writing and posting original content right away, and just let my readers take whatever I threw their way.
I am, unfortunately, a very distracted person sometimes, and I spent most of the evening sleeping and playing guitar instead, so...I'm going to talk about the Blog Challenge. Fortunately for me, it seems like an introduction to this month's posts would be a good thing to write anyway.
The Blog Challenge is a very simple matter, if you haven't yet heard of it: with Stevie Parris as our organizer, a bunch of participants attempt to write and publish at least one blog post every day for a full month. It's a fun way to get yourself into a discipline of writing, ignoring the pesky, elusive ideal of "inspiration," and the past one or two challenges I've participated in have been rewarding times of growth for me as a writer. I've previously focused on one of my two blogs at a time, but for this challenge, I'm hoping to post on both of my blogs about equally: Rainstorms, this one, and Cry of the Stars, where I post my poetry.
Because I'm smack-dab in the middle of one of Drexel's notoriously fast-paced terms, I didn't think it was a good idea to give myself a theme or limit myself to any one kind of writing, so if all goes well, you'll see a variety of posts on this blog. This should include journal-type entries, opinion pieces (or maybe some late-night rambling, who knows), and a short story here and there, along with one or two longer stories I hope to begin writing in episodic format.
If you are someone who has my contact information, and you care, please do your best to make sure I don't lose the challenge for something as silly as forgetting to post. Also, if you have ideas or prompts you'd like to see me try out, I will gladly take all the inspirational material I can get.
I hope it isn't some ominous precedent to be posting at night on the first day of the month. Here's to writing until we drool blood and cry sweatbest wishes to all my fellow participants, and may the odds volunteer you as the tributes in my favor, or whatever it takes to get me a better sense of humor.
Here we go.

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