Monday, December 26, 2011


I've been doing quite well in my AP Biology course so far this year. I think this academic success can be attributed, among other things, to my notes that I take in class.
Because these notes are not just copying down whatever's on the PowerPoint. No, these are notes with annotated illustrations.
I'm sorry, that sounded really pretentious. It's really not that impressive, and I don't annotate everything. I only illustrate the concepts that strike my imagination.

Here are a few examples:

Archaea: prokaryotes that can live in extremely cold, salty, or hot habitats

Lysosomes destroy nonfunctioning organelles by digesting them

Stoma: leaf-pores | Stroma: the fluid-filled space between grana in chloroplasts

In Photosystem II, the carotenoid pigments pass excited electrons to the main pigment, chlorophyll a.
Energy transfers from sunlight to glucose through photosynthesis, which is ingested by other organisms like us, where our cells convert it to ATP through cellular respiration, which is then available to facilitate cell work. And so we live.
Apoptosis: programmed cell death when something goes wrong. The cell pulls itself apart, and the fragments are digested by little...thingies.

These pictures have helped me remember so much. I definitely advocate doodling in the margins while taking notes, because it actually does help (if you're drawing things related to the course matter). Especially if it's a little silly. Hehe.


Emmie said...

You're adorable.
(This is what I did in my AP Euro study book last year...helped a LOT.)

Bethany said...

AH. Why haven't I done this in chemistry yet???? My teacher draws something like this on the board at least once every class...I really must write them down XD.

Congratulations, you have just inspired me.

Alex Hoagland said...

These are what my notes look like! Assuming I take notes at all. I think AP Bio is just better as a cartoon.