Friday, December 23, 2011

Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms: one of the sweetest cereals in the world, approaching unbearable sugar content.
Contains: stereotypes in the extreme? Also sugar.

Mommy doesn't buy Lucky Charms for us very often, but we happen to have a box in the pantry at the moment. I never paid attention to the shapes until this morning, whereupon looking into my bowl I became greatly confused while trying to ascertain what the distorted marshmallow things were supposed to be. So I went to the two most easily accessible sources of information: the Internet and my brother Nathan.

This is what the Internet gave me:

I was less than satisfied.
I liked Nathan's answer a lot more. Even though he didn't get to all of them, because you're lucky (:D) to get what you get in your bowl.

"You see," he said, beginning to pick out the various shapes, "They all have significance.
"This is a Christmas tree...this is a cross...this is a Christian fish...and this is a fat Christmas tree...

 "This is the star of Bethlehem...
("and here's another star of Bethlehem, and another star of Bethlehem, and another...)

"This is Noah's rainbow...

 "This is the hat that Saint Patrick wore when he drove all the demon snakes out of Ireland...

 "This, uh, this is a 'u'...

 "And this is one of the magical red balloons that will make your life magical if you get 100 of them in one bowl!"

Mom: Nathan, that's impossible. Don't be silly.

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