Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Obligatory Questioning Post

I will now proceed to ask a series of questions that are directed to no particular audience, are intended to seem deceptively profound, and don't really require any form of answer.

1) Why is the sky green?
2) Why does everyone tell me the sky isn't green?
3) Who first thought of squeezing cow udders and drinking the white stuff?
4) What makes things "cute" and why do people want to "eat" said objects?
5) Why is pink now a girly color when it used to be associated with boys?
6) Who decided that there are 360 degrees in a circle? (Was it the Mayans? Why do we take everything they say so seriously?)
7) Is that squishy-looking blob on my ceiling dead or alive?
8) How is catchy music catchy?
9) why doesnt time go slower whenn I want it too goshhhh
10) What's actually awkward and what's not?
11) Should the thought of growing up be terrifying or exciting?
12) Is it okay for it to be both?
13) Were those last two questions genuine or rhetorical? HMMM.
14) Why does the red-throated loon have such a creepy call?
15) Will I end on an even or an odd number?
16) Is that even a legitimate question to ask?
17) Does anyone care what number I end on?
18) Do I count as "anyone" for that last question?
19) Nineteen or twenty, which sounds prettier?
20) Or should I go by which looks prettier?

OH WHATEVER. Twenty's good enough.

1 comment:

Emmie said...

#7 made me lol.
19 and 20 made me think of this:
9 is more win than 10, but 20 is better than 19.