Saturday, December 24, 2011

December Days

This time of year, the world swirls and scurries
like no other month.
I stand and watch,
and I hear so many voices calling--
buy this, or maybe ask for that,
and after all the shopping,
we can frolic in the snow.
If you're well-behaved,
then Santa brings you things,
unless you don't think he exists.
Then other people give you things,
and you give them things too,
and everyone is positively bursting
with all the holiday spirit--
And this is what we call

I stand and listen,
and I hear a soft voice speak,
telling me a story I've heard before.
Years ago, on another bustling night,
where quiet was all but impossible to find--
innkeepers busy with new guests,
shopkeepers with new customers,
as people traveled near and far--
the angels were singing in the fields.
Peace, they said.
Glory to God and
because Immanuel has come.

So while the world is hurrying and worrying,
I will look upon a Savior,
One who came unnoticed
in the midst of a season more like this
than often we might think.
I find my peace
because a child was born to die
for me--
For me!

This is what I will know as
Christ the Lord is here.

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Stevie said...

Neat! Wish I had read it before Christmas. =)