Friday, December 30, 2011

Observations of My Google Docs

  • I have a document entitled "musings" that is completely empty. What happened there? o.0
  • I shared my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel, Raedan's Heart, with NINE other people. O the shame. That was such a terrible piece of writing. All 33,000 words of it. 
  • "AP Euro Midterm Study Guide," last modified in April, is still marked unread.
  • There is a spreadsheet called "the lees" that contains all our ideas for what my brothers should name their children. (Ginger Lee, Actual Lee, Incredib Lee, Pai Shen Lee, etc.)
  • I have about four "Untitled document"s in my list. They're all different and really should warrant titles. I guess I'm just too lazy.
  • My longest title is "River blindness is most common in Afr..." Inside that document is a lovely short paragraph or two about the parasite on a parasite on a blood-sucking fly that causes river blindness.
  • "fairy tale 2," a collaborative effort between me and my brother to write a fairytale, was sadly abandoned more than a year ago. There were some pretty awesome similes in there.
"They would often take much joy in riding through the villages of the land and slicing through the people as one cuts through fruit in an angry orchard."
"Suddenly, like a penguin slipping into the frigid waters of the North Sea, a massive dust cloud appeared upon the horizon."
"Within the cloud rode a dark mass of horsemen. With flags and shields they rode, like a raging iguana that frantically scampers across twigs and leaves to dine upon a colony of ants."
"As he reached the fifty stones' throw mark with a pace like that of a terrified ant that hysterically rushes away from a raging iguana, Xeliyn looked behind him and beheld the multitude of Raiders quickly overtaking him."
  •  The oldest document in my list is "The Epic Conversation." This was called epic rightly. Not in the way that epic seems to be used most commonly nowadays ("That was an epic dive-catch!") but in the older way. As in, really, really, really long.
    It was born of a chat between my good friend Ellie and myself some two years ago, where we each impersonated a character and um, roleplayed? for hours. And that chat, I think, was born of our excitement over how OK is a stick-man when you turn your head to the left. We created two of the OK men, named them, and made them talk to each other.
    A choice snippet:
    Tom walks a few steps away from Billy after smelling him

    Billy: Hey! Whadidya sniff me for??!!
    Tom: I didn't 'sniff' you.I simply took notice of suggest a nice warm bath...

    Tom plugs his nose and gets out his man-perfume
    Tom starts squirting it everywhere

Conclusion: Um, I don't really...have one.